Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

A man from East Makira constituency has questioned the progress of the East Makira election petition in the High Court.

The petition was submitted November last year.

A William Dick Waitara told SIBC News, many of the 4,576 losing voters of East Makira have visited him almost every day for an update on the petition.

He says the election petitions were submitted since November last year adding, not even a single update was heard.

“Since November last year when we submitted the petition up to now, it didn’t seem to be prioritised and we hardly saw any stories either in the print or broadcast media. What’s so secret about it? Our public want to know, especially the 4,576 losing voters of East Makira constituency, who came to me almost everyday to ask me about the update of this election petition.”

It is understood an election petition would take time to go before the courts once sufficient evidence is provided.

SIBC News understands, 15 election petitions were filed before the High Court after the general elections last year, of which only one
was officially withdrawn and that is against East Are’are MP Andrew Manepora’a.

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