Casper Fa'asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Casper Fa’asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Good Governance must start at home and especially within the families if we are to be agents of any development in the country.

This was Casper Fa’asala’s focus of discussions during the one-day workshop he organised and conducted at his home village of Dala South, Malaita Province.

Mr. Fa’asala appreciated the wealth of cooperation that people have showed this far by building and owning one of the best Secondary Schools in the country now called the St. John’s Catholic Secondary School.

He said that despite all the successes in the past, there are other issues that are hanging over the shoulders of the people and which have weaken the society that have hampered other social values that require recognition of cultural values, economic development to raise family income for parents to pay for school fees and better shelter.

During the workshop, participants raised the absence of Government services and is one factor that weakens the community from being proactive in socio-economic developments in the community.

Mr. Fa’asala said, among the issues identified are – Lack of Enforcement of Law and Order at the Community Level, Lack of Financial Incentives to Farmers and young people, Over populated communities resulting in no land for gardening and farming at the coastal areas, Uncontrolled early marriages and lack of Government Services delivered to the Rural Populace.

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