Government strongly condemns attack on naturalised SI family


The national government has strongly condemned last weekend’s attack on a naturalised Solomon Islands family by some criminals. 

Police report confirmed, the armed robbery incident occurred on Thursday 7th September between 2am and 3am at Panatina area. 

The report further confirmed that during the robbery a couple was attacked.

The victims are naturalised citizens of Korean origin, Mr Young Pal 62 years old and Mrs. Mi Jung Kim Kang, 59. Both sustained injuries as a result of the armed robbery.

According to the Police report, since neighbours were too scared to assist, Mrs Mi Jung Kim Kang drove them to the National Referral hospital for medical assistance.  

Their three children currently in Korea are also Solomon Island Citizens.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Condemning the barbaric attack, the government on behalf of the majority of the peace loving citizens of the country apologised to the victims.  

The national government affirmed that this particular attack was made not only on an innocent and peace loving family but on good-citizens who are contributing directly to the country’s development.

Government also confirmed that the judicial arm will review relevant legislation with the aim to impose tougher penalties to deter further attacks and protect citizens of the country.

The government further warns the merciless perpetrators, that such heartless attacks will not be tolerated. 

“They will be hunted down and face the full force of the law,” the government statement reads.

The government meanwhile reminds Solomon Islanders to be law abiding and stand united in protest against evil attacks on fellow citizens.

“Each citizen must uphold our culture of respect for others and their properties, have compassion and be responsible for our own actions. Over and above all, Solomon Islanders must uphold our Christian values at all times,” the government statement concluded.

The National government is urging Police to investigate the incident and ensure perpetrators are apprehended and face justice. 


GCU statement

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