Dried beche-de-mer. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

                                                            Dried beche-de-mer. Photo credit: Solomon Times.

A trial was adjourned for a businessman charged with unlawful possession of beche-de-mer.

Dr. Reginald Apia whose trial was set for today will stand trial Monday next week.

Mr. Apia is charged with possession of beche-de-mer for export contrary to the Fisheries Act of 2009.

The Magistrate Court this morning heard, six of the prosecution witness are still in the Lord Howe islands.

Prosecutor Sirepu Ramosaea requested the trial be adjourned until the witnesses reach Honiara.

It was alleged in 2013 at Lord Howe islands when there was a ban against beche-de-mer, Apia tried to export bags of mixed species of the beche-de-mer.

The alleged bags of beche-de-mer weighed around 1,500 kilograms.

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