Gov’t applauded for CDF support towards Vulavu clinic staff house


The national government through Gao-Bugotu Constituency (GBC) office has been commended for its firm commitment and continuous support towards development of important health infrastructure in the constituency, Isabel Province.

Chief Philip Manika expressed the commendation at the official handing over of Vulavu clinic staff house, Friday last week (30 September, 2022) at Vulavu community. 

Member of Parliament for GBC Honourable Samuel Manetoali who is also the Minister for the Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs (MTGPEA) officiated the handing over program.  

The staff house project was implemented through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) by the government through GBC in partnership with Vulavu and its surrounding communities.

Minister and MP for GBC Samuel Manetoali with the Clinic Chairman Chief Philip Manika, left, MRD Principal Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Timoly Carter, Principal Research and Development Officer Kejoa Para, MRD Senior Accountant Christopher Dive and Constituency Project Officer (CPO) Francis Pilau cutting the ribbon to officially open the new staff house

Vulavu clinic serves a population of more than 3000 people within its catchment area. 

Chief Manika who is also the Clinic chairman said Vulavu clinic over the years has gone through a lot of challenges which include lack of proper accommodation for health staff serving at the clinic. 

“There are times when serving nurses have to abandon duties due to housing issues which negatively affect our communities as it denies our rights to access needed healthcare services.” 

However, he said with the support rendered by the government through Gao-Bugotu Constituency under the leadership of MP Manetoali in partnership with the local communities enabled them to construct a permanent three bed-room staff house which now accommodated two nursing staff. 

The chairman then thanked everyone who had contributed towards the success of the project.

While sharing the same sentiments, Chief Stevenson Carlos said the constituency support in partnership with communities shows the government’s true heart of concern for its people in the rural areas.

A registered nurse serves a sick patient at Vulavu clinic

Mothers Union leader and women representative Janet Vickers also expressed profound gratitude to MP Manetoali for providing necessary resources and facilities towards the project. 

She said if not for the government through MP Manetoali, the project would not be possible and completed. 

Ms. Vickers also recognized communities, families and individuals who have contributed towards the completion of the project.

She said that ensuring nursing officers are accommodated in a comfortable and secure accommodation is paramount.

Principal Research and Rural Development Officer Kejoa Para on behalf of the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) applauded Vulavu and its surrounding communities for their continuous support to their MP and towards the development aspirations of their constituency.

He said the handing over of the project is a manifestation of true partnership in development.

“The success of this project is a fulfilment of true partnership that your communities have with the government through your constituency office (GBC). If we want development to happen, we must work together,” Para stressed.

He also congratulated the communities and GBC for the milestone achievement.  

Meanwhile, MP Manetoali acknowledged tribes and families at Vulavu for their understanding and continuous support in allowing their land to ensure such important development to happen.

He also thanked the communities and individuals for their contributions towards the project.

“Every development that is happening in our constituency belongs to all of us. So, we must continue to work together. And I am encouraged by the support and

contributions that you have displayed throughout which is reflected in the success of this staff house project.”

MP Manetoali then thanked chiefs, community leaders, builders, communities and individuals that put their hands together towards the staff house project and urged the communities to take ownership of the project and look after it well. 

Panpipe group providing entertainment during the program

He added that the government through GBC is committed and will continue to support development of important health infrastructures towards strengthening the implementation of Health Programs to support the delivery of better services in the constituency.

The handing over of the staff house also marked the resumption of healthcare services at Vulavu clinic after the absence of a nurse for about four months.

Currently two female registered nurses are serving at the clinic after they were posted by the Isabel Health Authority to the clinic, a day before the handing over program. 

According to Chief Manika who is also the Clinic chairman the project was implemented by Vulavu and its surrounding communities in collaboration with the government through Gao-Bugotu Constituency.

Total contribution from communities through fundraisings was $8,000 which expended on timbers, cements, labour, gravel and sand while the Constituency (GBC) support comprised of all hardware materials which include two cartons of 2 inch nail, two cartons of 3 inch nail, four cartons of 4 inch nail, 1 carton of 5 inch nail, 1 carton of roofing nail, iron sheets, colour bond sheets for walling, masonites,  louver glasses and frames, chicken wires, sisalation rolls and other important building materials.


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