Tulagi Hospital without doctor for 5 years now



Tulagi hospital. Photo: LEMCO.


Tulagi Hospital in Central Islands Province has been operating without a medical Doctor for nearly five years now.

The Hospital’s Director Nursing Mr. Jacob Manegharu told SIBC.

Mr. Manegharu said it was very frustrating to have to refer serious medical cases to the National Referral Hospital every time.

He said, most of these cases can be treated if a doctor and the right facilities were available at the Tulagi hospital.

“We have been operating without a medical doctor for 5 years now, we only work on what is within our capability, beyond that, we refer to Honiara,” he said.

“Looking at our infrastructure, we don’t have an operating theater , and we don’t have any labs.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Manegharu said sick patient referrals to Honiara was quite expensive for them especially spending on fuel.

He added, most of the hospital’s service grant was spent on fuel for hospital referrals.

“Its really costly for us, most of our service grants goes to fuels,” he said.

“We urgently need a medical doctor from the Ministry health, just to render quality services to the people.”

By: Charlie Salini. 

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