Govt call on drone users to apply for permit



People using drones in the country must apply for permit and certification from the Civil Aviation department, Ministry of Communication and Civil Aviation.

The Minister of Communication and Aviation Peter Shanel Agovaka was responding to the Parliament’s opposition and Independent benches over the level of regulation of drones of all specifications.

Minister Agovaka adds, the question of policing the drones require technical people but appeals on the public to report to the Aviation, sightings of any drone around their area so that the Aviation Authority can investigate if its owner is licensed to operate it.

Drones are useful for survey work and town planning but operators need permit and licence to use, he adds.

MP Aoke Langa Langa Hon. Matthew Wale also highlighted three cases of some individuals who were using drones to spy on women.

Minister Agovaka explained,  drone users must adhere to certain specifications while operating their drone.

“The three specifications that we have are, the height, the use of the area, and the infringement, due to privacy issues,” he said.

“It will be difficult to trace ,when it is in the sky because we don’t know who it belongs to, but we certainly have records of those who own the drones , our restrictions are specific , and if people breach the restriction, then we will remove their permit or certificates.”

Parliament continues tomorrow with the ‘2018 Supplementary Appropriation Bill 2018’.

By: Leni Dalavera. 

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