Govt purchases emergency drug supplies from local pharmacies

Patients waiting near the pharmacy at the NRH.

Emergency drug supplies will be delivered to the National Referral Hospital and Honiara City clinics as of today.

Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela made the assurance in a media conference this morning.

Mr Hou said the Government had secured emergency supplies from local pharmacies in Honiara to address the urgent drug shortage situation while waiting for the ordered supplies to arrive.

“As of today we have procured emergency supplies from our various private pharmacies and chemists in Honiara of amoxil, paracetamol and ventilyn inhalers. These will be made available to NRH and the Honiara City clinics today. I thank all our private pharmacies and chemists for allowing the Government to have access to their stock.”

He said the Government was also reaching out to its diplomatic missions and would brief them today to request their urgent assistance to mobilize emergency supplies of essential drugs and consumables to cater for the next two months.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister confirmrd he would visit the National Medical Stores and the National Referral Hospital at midday today to see first hand what was happening.

“I will visit the National Medical Stores and National Referral Hospital during midday today when Parliament adjourns for midday to see for myself what is available and how this situation is affecting the services being provided to our people under these trying conditions. Also I hope to have one-on-one talks with those officers managing this situation.”

The Prime Minister reiterates that the drug shortage was due largely to medical procurement processes and not funding issues.

By: Rickson Bau


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