Students protests at UPNG. Photo credit: RNZ.

Students protest at UPNG. Photo credit: RNZ.

The Parliamentary Opposition Group is questioning why the Government has delayed the repatriation of our students studying in Papua New Guinea.

In a statement today, the Opposition says whilst the Government is saying they will repatriate our students, nothing has been done since.

The Group questioned what the Government is waiting for as the situation in PNG universities particularly UPNG, UNITECH and UOG is getting worse.

It says the Government particularly the High Commission Office in Port Moresby is ignorant.

The Opposition calls on the Government to bring the students home immediately without delay.

It made the call following latest incidents that occurred at UPNG and UNITECH where clashes have continued, protests still ongoing, university properties torched and unconfirmed reports of student casualties, as of last night.

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands Education Attache in Port Moresby, Claire Damutalau said repatriating our students home is not an easy task.

Ms Damutalau told SIBC News recently formal arrangements will have to be completed between the Solomon Islands Government and the three PNG universities before any repatriation can occur.

She says there are formal processes to be completed before repatriating our students home.

“It’s not easy as we can think, you know, not easy in a sense that I cannot repatriate them without informing the institutions of the decision and even when we inform them there are processes to be followed to ensure their spaces are guaranteed when they return for studies.”

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