Professor Kieth Walker. Photo credit:

Professor Kieth Walker. Photo credit:

An internationally renowned author on leadership says the Solomon Islands Government motto of “To Lead Is To Serve” should be the benchmark of ethical leadership for Solomon Islands public service.

Professor Keith Walker of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada is in Honiara at the request of the Government and made the statement in his keynote address at a one-day Keynote Speaker Program in Honiara today.

The Speaking program targeted senior and emerging leaders in the Solomon Islands Public Service and wanted to enhance their leadership and management abilities.

Professor Walker said the national motto is important to ensure public servants perform their roles for the good of all Solomon Islands citizens.

“This motto it said “To Lead Is To Serve,” I’ve never seen that in another country before. That’s an umbrella, that says here’s If I want to stay safe I stay under that umbrella. If I want to do right, do justly, be honourable, be faithful, be diligent, I stay under that umbrella and that’s a protection that you are in the service of your country. What an honour, what a great thing to have an umbrella like that a protection.”

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary for Public Service Nego Sisiolo said the Ministry appreciates Professor Walker’s leadership presentation.

“Professor Kieth it is not often that we get the opportunity to listen to and to interact with people of your calibre. Therefore, please note that this is a treasured opportunity for the Ministry of Public Service and the public service who are here to listen to someone of authority to speak on the topic of leadership.”

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