Logging in the Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Logging in the Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government is taking steps to crack down illegal logging operation in the province.

Guadalcanal Provincial Revenue and Licensee Officer Mr. Terry Vekea told today’s current affairs program, few logging companies have never registered under the Guadalcanal Provincial licensing authority.

Mr. Vekea said his office is monitoring these logging operations.

“They should remember to come to my office to register their businesses and that is why I am urging them because they have obtained licenses from the Ministry of Forestry and Research and go on with operations. For the last two months, we’ve closed down few of these operations due to such activity. Now, I would like to warn you that we will be coming around to see whether your license is valid or not, we will then close down any operations without a valid license as well as those who do not register with us.”

Mr. Vekea warns loggers across Guadalcanal Province to abide by all processes of attaining licenses from both the Ministry of Forest and Provincial license division.

He warns all license holders to make sure their operation is legally registered with the provincial authority.

“If you are a licensee allowing a logging company to operate in your area, be sure that you both visit us at our revenue office so that we can register your business so that you can operate on your designated land.”

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