A mosquito bite. Photo credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

A mosquito bite. Photo credit: www.telegraph.co.uk

The Honiara City Council Vector Borne Disease Control program (VBDCP) Division is expecting a high transition of Malaria cases once the wet season is over.

A recent research conducted by the program shows, mosquito density is high during dry seasons while a low density of mosquitoes during rainfall seasons.

Program Coordinator George Fafale told SIBC News, a high transition of malaria cases is expected after the continuous rainfall.

He advises the public to clean up any possible breeding sites after the current rainfall season.

“We expect a lot of water pockets after the rainfall, the temporary breeding sites will be stagnant which is conducive for mosquitos to breed, so please make sure to clear water clogged areas around your homes and be sure to get rid of any materials that may contain water to stop mosquitos from breeding.”

Mr Fafale adds his division is yet to roll out its malaria spraying program for this year.

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