HCC cracks down on short bus routes, tinted glass

Buses detained at the HCC headquarters in Honiara in January

The Honiara City Council yesterday started revoking business licences from owners of public buses that operate on short routes or have heavily tinted windows.

The city council warned bus owners and drivers to comply with its new public transport ordinance before the grace period ended at the beginning of this month.

Honiara City Mayor Andrew Mua said the city council will not accept any excuses for failing to comply with the ordinance.

He said bus owners must advise their bus drivers and conductors to follow city regulations.

“Whatever they do, we will not accept the excuse that, ‘it’s the driver — I told him what to do, but he did the opposite,'” Mr Mua said. “We will not go by that statement.”

By Fred Osifelo

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