HCC enforces zero tolerance policy on expired goods, foreign labels


A typical shop in Honiara

The Honiara City Council Health Inspection Division is taking a strict approach to expired goods and foodstuffs labelled in a foreign language.

HCC Chief Health Inspector George Titiulu said city council law enforcement officers, health inspectors and officers from the Consumer Affairs Department in the commerce ministry launched a massive shop inspection for these products yesterday.

He said the operation is a follow-up to consultations with major food importers, including the Solomon Islands Chinese Association.

Expired goods and food products labelled in a foreign language can no longer be sold in Honiara shops.

Mr Titiulu said business houses that do not follow the guidelines in the Pure Food Act will be fined $1,000 for the first offence.

“We will go and look at the products that are in a foreign language, expired goods, anything that has labelling issues,” he said. “We will take out these items from the shops and issue them with a fine that they need to pay to the council.”

Mr Titiulu said further legal charges could follow if business owners are reluctant to obey the order.

He said consumers can report goods that are expired or labelled in a foreign language to the city council’s health inspection department.

By Leni Dalavera

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