HCC thank public for clean up

HCC thank public for clean up


By Alfred Pagepitu 

The Honiara City Council (HCC) thanked the public for participating in the clean up campaign held on Friday in preparation for the 46th Independence celebration.

 Deputy City Clerk Jefferson Patovaki said a huge number of Honiara residents have turned up for the clean up.

“I would like to acknowledge those who came out in large numbers to join the clean-up this weekend.”

“HCC would like to appreciate everyone who participated in this general appeal to clean our city. I can see that our streets are clean, so on behalf of HCC, I would like to thank all of you who voluntarily joined the clean-up over the weekend.”

“Although it was announced for the public to clean the city on Friday, I would like to extend this call to all Honiara residents to continue with the same spirit of cleaning our city.”

“Not only when we host big events, but let us continue on with the same spirit of cleaning our city,” Patovaki said.

He explained that when our city is clean, it will have a positive impact on our lives and the lives of visitors from outside the country. A clean environment will also improve our health.

Patovaki clarified that this clean-up is not just to celebrate the 46th Independence Anniversary, but to have a lasting impact on our lives with a good and clean environment.

“So far, so good, my special thank you goes to the City Council, Lord Mayor, HCC staff, and HCC Clerk.”

He acknowledged that the HCC staff also came out on Friday and joined the public in the general clean-up within the city.

“I commend you for doing a job well done, and I look forward to a better Honiara City in the future.”

Patovaki also thanked line ministries, ward councilors, business houses, church leaders, government officials, and volunteers who had contributed to this clean-up to celebrate the country’s 26th Independence Anniversary with a clean environment.

“Some of you I might not mention, but I thank the communities surrounding Honiara who volunteered and came out to clean up our city. Let us all continue with the same spirit because we are the citizens of this country and city that we call Honiara home, so let’s all be responsible and help the HCC clean the city for a better Solomon Islands.”

“We, the HCC, would like to thank you for your positive response and for accepting the general call HCC made on Friday towards this celebration,” Patovaki said.


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