HCC welcomes positive responses from public and assures residents of Ongoing Commitments

HCC welcomes positive responses from public and assures residents of Ongoing Commitments


Deputy Clerk of the Honiara City Council (HCC), Jefferson Patovaki has delivered a comprehensive update on the initiatives undertaken by the council in the months leading up to the 17th Pacific Games 2023.

Patovaki specifically focused on four areas of engagement with public, highlighting them in a recent talkback show at SIBC, which brought together representatives from the National Hosting Authority (NHA), Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), and HCC.

Addressing the Betel-nut Ordinance, Patovaki expressed gratitude to the general public for their positive response to HCC’s call for maintaining cleanliness in the town. Despite some residents in the City expressing reservations, Patovaki acknowledged the proactive efforts of Honiara residents, particularly betel-nut vendors, in clearing the Central Business District (CBD) and the outskirts of the city.

However, Patovaki stressed that the Betel-nut Ordinance is not a temporary measure. He emphasized that once passed, it will become a permanent part of the HCC law.

Responding to speculations that after the Pacific Games, things would return to the status quo, Patovaki exposed this notion, asserting that the ordinances have no expiration date.

“I want to remind the general public that these ordinances have no ending. Once it is passed, it will stay there; it will be part of the Honiara City Council law,” Patovaki reiterated.

Moreover, Patovaki highlighted an important aspect of the amendment act, which grants increased powers to Honiara City Law Enforcers for making arrests or searching offenders.

He emphasized that these enhanced powers will persist beyond the Pacific Games, ensuring a sustained effort in maintaining order and cleanliness in the city.

“I believe the continuation of what is currently happening will continue from now and beyond. The work that Law Enforcers are currently doing will persist in the pre-games, post-games,
and onwards,” Patovaki assured the public.

As HCC remains committed to fostering a cleaner and more orderly environment, the Deputy City Clerk encourages residents to embrace the lasting impact of these ordinances and to actively contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance the city’s overall aesthetic and functionality. –ENDS//

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