The High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

The High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo credit: SIBC.

Proceedings have been commenced in the High Court challenging the validity of the Members of Parliament Entitlements Commission (PEC) Amendment Regulation 2015.

In a signed media statement to SIBC news this morning, Counsel for the Claimants, Andrew Radclyffe explains, the regulation include the controversial tax-free salaries for parliament members.

Mr Radclyffe adds, the regulation also covers the introduction of life pension for one term MPs.

He says the claimants are Waita Ben Tabusasi, Ruth Liloqula, Hon. Derick Manu’ari, Tony Hughes and Reverend Graham Mark.

Mr Radclyffe explains, the court is being asked to expedite the matter in view of the constitutional importance of the case.

He adds the claimants believe it is in the interest of all concerned that the validity or otherwise of the Regulation be determined by the court as soon as possible.

The Claimant’s Counsel emphasised this case does not deal with the membership of the (PEC) because that would involve a change to the constitution – a matter for Parliament.

He says neither the claimants nor their legal advisors will be commenting further on these issues now that the matter is before the court.

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