Tropical Cyclone Rita current for Temotu province

Cyclone Photo: Supplied.

A Tropical Cyclone Warning is current for Temotu Province, confirms the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service.

In its fifth warning at 4:30 pm today, the Met Office said Category One Tropical Cyclone Rita with a central pressure of 989 hectopascals was located approximately six nautical miles southwest of Anuta island in Temotu Province.

It says the cyclone is moving towards the southeast at five knots between Anuta and Tikopia islands and is slowly gaining strength.

The Met Office said gale-force winds of 34 to 47 knots or stronger are expected to affect Temotu Province with rough seas and moderate to heavy swells with potential coastal flooding.

Winds of 15 to 25 knots with moderate to rough seas are also expected for the Renbel and Makira Ulawa waters.

Meanwhile, the Met Office said heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected over Temotu province so people should take precautionary measures as bad weather associated with the tropical cyclone may endanger lives and property.

People are also advised to listen to the National Broadcaster and other media outlets for further information.

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