PM Sogavare with members of the West Papua Delegation at the Prime Minister's Office today. Photo credit: GCU.

PM Sogavare with members of the West Papua Delegation at the Prime Minister’s Office today. Photo credit: GCU.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare assures a visiting West Papuan delegation of his determination as Chair of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to continue the push for West Papua’s freedom from all forms of human rights abuses and oppression in that region.

A government statement today says Mr Sogavare made the assurance during a courtesy meeting with a visiting eight-member West Papuan delegation in his capacity as Chair of the MSG.

Prime Minster Sogavare made the assurance to the delegation as MSG is founded on decisions and principles of tolerance and human rights.

Mr Sogavare assured them he will ensure the issue is dealt with properly during his Chairmanship as he is also aware many Melanesians have supported the West Papuan struggle against forced oppression.

Meanwhile in their response, the visiting delegation thanked the Prime Minister for his bold stand as a Melanesian leader to push for West Papua’s admission as an Observer of MSG during its meeting in June this year.

The members described Mr. Sogavare as a “shining” example of firm leadership not only in Melanesia but internationally, for his courageous decisions and ongoing support to ensure human rights abuses and the oppression of West Papuans is stopped.

The West Papuan delegation consists of representatives from the West Papuan political leadership, civil society, NGOs, churches and academics.

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