The old Gizo Hospital before it was burned. Photo credit:

The old Gizo Hospital before it was burned. Photo credit:

The immediate issues arising shortly after the old Gizo hospital in the Western province was burned down on 22 July this year has been addressed.

Chairman of the task force mandated to assess the situation, Adrian Tony told Radio Hapi Lagun’s Sina Adrian the assessment has been completed.

Mr. Sina reports, all urgent issues have been addressed by the task force.

“All urgent issues that arose immediately after the burning down of the old Gizo hospital have been addressed. Those are the sewerage system and electricity to get into the area and also the water supply system. And the biggest threat that they are containing at this level now is the sealing off of the area, a no go zone as a team from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development are in Gizo to seal off the area and conduct final assessments.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Sina adds the task force is now in its second stage of purchasing electrical pumps for the sewerage and water supply systems for the old hospital.

“The second stage of the levels they are going into now is to purchase important items like electrical pumps for the sewerage system and also for the water supply system as well as to enable them to recover the main pump system at the sewerage system, but at the moment they are still working it, so that’s where they are at this stage.”

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