Isabel Provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Isabel Provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Isabel Provincial Premier, Hon. James Habu has expressed, infrastructure and Education are among his province’s development priorities.

Premier Habu make known these priority areas as the province commemorates its second appointment day today.

Mr. Habu elucidates, infrastructure and education improvement are among top development areas needing National Government backing.

“Two things we’d like the National Government to continue to support us is the investment in infrastructure and to continue with the support in the education sector to improve the education of the youth. It is good to support us with this programs that we can do for our young people and I think that’s what I want to stress to the Government at this time.”

Premier Habu also stressed climate change mitigation is an issue his provincial government now finds itself frequently tackling.

The Isabel provincial Government has aligned its policies with the national government – an effort to reduce the impacts of climate change nationally.

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