The United Church Headquarters in Honiara.

The United Church Headquarters in Honiara.

A week-long Sunday School Convention held at Irigila, Vella La Vella, Western Province concluded successfully last Friday.

United Church Minister for North West Region in Western Province, Reverend Leonard Pineke described the convention which attracted more than 1,000 youths and children of the north-west region of the United Church a ‘success’.

“More than 1,000 children have gathered here and we’ve experienced that all the children have really enjoyed the convention and all the program activities as well as studies involved and speeches on biblical issues as well as issues in the country such as custom and culture along with education.”

He adds such convention will positively impact on the lives of their young people to become better stewards of this country.

“The convention is really helpful to the children who gathered here as it helps to shape them to have new experiences and new strength in their spiritual lives and also their family life to become good citizens in the future.”

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