MV Isabella, one of  IDC's passenger vessels. Photo: Courtesy of IDC

MV Isabella, one of IDC’s passenger vessels. Photo: Courtesy of IDC

Isabel Development Company, IDC, Shipping has made a historic commission of its new ship MV Onogou at Kia Village on Monday.

IDC General Manager, Ms Kathy Nori said the decision to commission MV Onogou at Kia Village is to honour one of the founders of the shipping company who is from the community.

Ms Nori adds, most IDC shareholders are also from Kia Village.

“The Commission occasion happens here at Kia because one of the founders of IDC is from Kia. Also, Kia has a very high number of IDC shareholders and so I think it is fitting that we have the commissioning here in Kia”.

Meanwhile, Kia village Paramount chief George Satu described the commission as a dream come true- a milestone for their current and future generations.

“For the Board and Management, your plan, visions and dreams that one day in the future the official commissioning of one of our new ship must take place in Kia village, the home of one of the founders, has come true today. On that same note, we are proud to open a new chapter to record this historical and memorable event that will linger in the minds of the Kia people for sometime”.

SIBC News understands IDC Shipping held past commissioned ceremonies at Buala and Honiara.

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