Japanese Ambassador Visits Farms in Ghaobata Ward 21 in Guadalcanal


The Japanese Ambassador to the Solomon Islands His Excellency MIWA Yoshiaki, visited farms belonging to Farmers under the Ghaobata Ward Farmers Association (GWFA) in Ghaobata Ward 21 in North Guadalcanal Constituency on Friday last week.

It is part of the association’s aim to promote and address the emerging issues affecting farmers in the rural area concerning Agriculture and Fisheries.

Japanese Ambassador Miwa Yoshiaki (left) andd MPA for Gaobata Ward Johnlee Saki (right) at one of the farms

Farms visited included Poultry, Piggery, Fisheries, Potatoes, and Banana farms.

His Excellency MIWA Yoshiaki expressed his intention to support and cooperate fully with farmers under the Ghaobata Farmers Association

“When we think about development, I think there are several elements that we have to consider very important, which we’ll have to put into main focus, for example, for us, the sustainability and environmental protection, but also of course, the welfare of the people, improving the lives of the people, developing the society and a very democratic society is very important to us. So, there are several parts that we are keeping in mind and with these values, we would like to cooperate with you.

“I am very much looking forward to the site visit because for a diplomat, seeing the real situation on the ground is particularly important. I do not want to stay in my office throughout the day. It is much more important to visit different parts of the Solomon Islands,” His Excellency Yoshiaki said.

He also pointed out that for a place close to the city like the Ghaobata Ward, any positive development there will benefit not only communities in the ward but also Honiara.

A poultry farm being visited

“Ghaobata community is close to Honiara so not only the developments for the future of Ghaobata but also the future of Honiara City and the country as a whole.

“The role that you are going to play is very strategic, so in this sense, I would like to reiterate my intention to cooperate with you,” His Excellency Yoshiaki expressed.

In response, the Member of the Provincial Assembly for Ghaobata Ward, Hon. Johnlee Saki, thanked the Japanese Ambassador for his visit and stated that the ward is open for development.

“Thank you, Ambassador, for the site visit – I look forward to working alongside you.

“The site visit program is for the Japanese Embassy and the team to have firsthand knowledge and to collect information on the development challenges of Ghaobata Ward farmers.

“The ward is open for positive developments to improve the economic stability – this is to prepare my people for further development in the future.

“I want to encourage the farmers to work with the Japanese Embassy to strengthen the aims and objectives of our constitution as mandated and to support working together to strengthen the livelihood of my people.

 Chairperson of Ghaobata Ward Farmers Association (GWFA) Daniel Nunuvia also echoed the same sentiment, registering his acknowledgment to the Japanese Ambassador.

“I am very much looking forward to reaping the benefits of today’s visit and the support to us farmers enabling us to achieve our dreams and goals,” Mr. Nunuvia said.

The Ghaobata Ward Farmers Association (GWFA) was launched on March 24 this year as part of the Ghaobata Ward Development Committee (GWDC) promotion to address the emerging issues affecting the vulnerable farmers in Ghaobata Ward both economically and socially.


By Alex Dadamu

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