A map of Santa Isabel. Photo credit:

A map of Santa Isabel. Photo credit:

Jejevo community in Isabel province is yet to receive its disaster food supplies after assessments have concluded.

The community is still experiencing food shortage, months after Cyclone Raquel devastated their livelihood and left.

Community Leader, Mr. Landry Losi told SIBC News assessments have been conducted by the Isabel Provincial Government, but assistance seem to take forever to reach them.

“We are badly in need while waiting for our crops to be ready for harvest and that will take time, for instance, it may take five to nine months before the crops can be ready for harvesting. So we need support and help from our provincial government or the national government through our Constituency Member at this time.”

Meanwhile, the Community Leader calls on responsible authorities and Member of Parliament for Hograno, Kia, Havulei to provide them with assistance as the situation worse.

The National Disaster Management Office says Hograno, Kia, Havulei Constituency have been allocated a total of $100,000 under the Raquel Relief and Early Recovery Fund.

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