Fire flame. Photo credit: Commons.wikimedia

Fire flame. Photo credit: Commons.wikimedia

About six dwelling homes at Windy Ridge, near the Tenaru Nazareth Apostolic Centre area, have been torched to ashes yesterday, leaving victims homeless and in need of food and especially water.

A mother whom SIBC News spoke to Ms Betty Gigisi says this is the result of a dispute between two parties both from Guadalcanal.

Ms. Gigisi says less than a hundred men entered their village at around 10am yesterday and drove families out before burning their homes and helping themselves with the victims properties.

She says, while it is the role of the Police to investigate and divulge into the details, she is more concerned for the lives of the mothers and children who are innocent victims of other peoples’ frustration.

Gigisi says victims are now homeless and are in great need.

“Less than a hundred people came to Windy Ridge and destroyed six houses, water tanks, entering the houses and taking out cash and shell monies and they also destroyed food crops like banana, cabbage as well as took off with our pigs. Our immediate need now is water and food.”

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