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Johns Hopkins Hospital logo. Photo credit:

Medical education, curriculum development and inspiring young medical practitioners are among key objectives for a visiting team of medical experts from the Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, USA.

Invited by the Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan Embassy in Solomon Islands, the group is visiting Honiara City clinics and conduct health workshops at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara.

In his brief remarks, team leader Daniel T Yu says they are hoping to inspire young medical doctors in the country to be leaders.

“I think my main objective is medical education, curriculum development as we started last year, but most probably something that we aspire to do and hopefully professional development and motivation ad inspiration for these young doctors to empower them to be leaders and I think that’s where we can really make a difference.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Yu adds his team hopes to provide a set of paediatric acute care training to build champion doctors at the NRH.

“On a more sort of grounded objective for medical education, we want to provide a set of pediatric acute care topics and materials to help NRH and the young doctors here to be pediatric-prepared and the next step is to have local champions to take over this curriculum and I will leave them all the resources that there needs to be so that they can teach the next group of doctors.”

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