Kava farmers encouraged to plant more

The Varivao Holdings Ltd will starts buying Kava on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Varivao Holdings General Manager Banjamin Hageria told SIBC news.

Mr. Hageria said he is preparing to export the first 7 tons later this month to Kiribati.

He encouraged local kava farmers to ensure they dry their kava properly before selling to exporters.

 Mr. Hageria said, the reason being if for quality control in international markets.

“We need to maintain our good name at the international markets. Both the kava farmers and us exporters have to work together to ensure quality control of our kava products in international markets.”

He encourages Kava farmers to plant more kava and expand the industry.

“Kava farmers, thank you for your continuous support. Together we can expand the industry.”

Meanwhile, Varivao Holdings will starts buying Cassava from Guadalcanal farmers this month.

Currently, Solomon Islands has three kava exporters.

by Charley Piringi

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