Kilu'ufi hospital. Photo credit:

Kilu’ufi hospital. Photo credit:

Malaita’s only major hospital Kilu’ufi has been earmarked for upgrading under the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government’s policy document.

The Minister of Health and Medical Services, Dr Tautai Kaitu’u told medical staff at the hospital when visiting them recently.

Dr Kaitu’u in his remarks to the staff said the DCC Government has earmarked Kilu’ufi hospital for upgrade in its policy document and is anxious to implement this policy intention during its tenure in office.

He also expressed admiration for the perseverance displayed by the hospital staff despite their challenging work environment.

Meanwhile, Minister of Infrastructure and Development Stanley Festus Sofu announced, Kilu’ufi road and the entire road network in Malaita’s provincial capital will be tar sealed.

He said infrastructure development is one of the top priorities for DCC.

Mr Sofu said his ministry will have the second biggest budget allocation this year for infrastructure development – a clear demonstration of the DCC Government’s acknowledgement of infrastructure as a crucial element in connectivity.

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