Kwaso Action Plan activated

RSIPF Officers with some of the Kwaso manufacture equipment seized during raids. Photo credit: RSIPF.

In an attempt to reduce the harm that the illicit substance of kwaso causes to communities throughout the country, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force is rolling out a Kwaso Action Plan under the umbrella of its Crime Prevention Strategy.

Assistant Commissioner National Capital and Crime Prevention, Simpson Pogeava said the Strategic Kwaso Action Plan is a national plan that aims to reduce the harm that kwaso causes especially to youth in the communities.

It was designed in January 2018 by using an internationally recognized problem solving model call SARA –the initial for Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment.

AC Pogeava explained, the scanning process was completed in 2017 in a dialogue with police officers, non-government organisations, government departments and donor agencies. The process revealed that out of all illicit substances available in Solomon Islands, kwaso is the most killer.

The scanning process also gave a deep understanding of why people involve in kwaso.

He said their strategic plan sits over the top of provincial kwaso plans as each province has different experiences with kwaso. This means police in the provinces, local communities and their stakeholders localize solutions that fit them.

AC Pogeava further said the key component of their plan is prevention.

The Kwaso Action Plan is supported by New Zealand Police through the SIPSP working together with the RSIPF.

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