A logging vessel birthing in the Rennell waters. Photo:

A logging vessel birthing in the Rennell waters. Photo:

Landowners of Tehakamagoku in West Rennell urged the managing director of the Samlinsan Company Limited, Junior Pow to refrain from using the media to mislead them.

Speaking on behalf of the Tehakamagoku landowners Jonathan Tohuika says Mr Pow has been not been telling the truth and should not go to the media any more because they have won all cases of the Timber Right Processing from the Council of Chiefs to the Court of Appeal.

He says Mr Pow cannot claim to be operating within the bound of the law when he continues to carry out logging activities in West Rennell.

“I don’t know what he said he did everything according to the law. In the case of Tehakamagoku, yes, its one hundred percent, Pow and Amos Tekangei have defied all environmental, forestry, customary that we’ve won, So I don’t see any reason why Pow is still vocal about him following the law.”

Mr Tohuika adds the High Court has already issued a court order for the Company to leave West Rennell in 2012, but up until now they are still residing and operating there.

“Police had attended the camp, but they are still working and residing there. The court order stated that they must vacate the area, but they are still residing and building roads. This simply means that all activities carried out since the court order was issued in 2000 were breached till now,” said Mr. Tohuika.

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