Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Tenants occupying the Auki Plaza building could face the court if they refuse to vacate the building.

Malaita Premier, Hon. Peter Chanel Ramohia told SIBC News, the tenants have been warned repeatedly but these warnings are wilfully ignored.

He says the tenants refused to leave the building and instead submit their claims to the province.

Premier Ramohia describes these claims as baseless.

“The claims they have made includes a Good will payment and I said what’s the good will payment for? The other claim is the loss of business and the third claim is repatriation so that is their situation and the Executive has considered them and said they are baseless.”

Meanwhile, the Premier says they have engaged the LNL law firm to pursue the case in court.

“I would like to inform the tenants that the province has also engaged a law firm called LNL to take up the case with them in an effort to evict them from the building so that NPF could develop it into a good building so that people can have a better facility and place to do business.”

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