The late Francis Bugotu. Photo credit: Terapeak.

The late Francis Bugotu. Photo credit: Terapeak.

Families and relatives of the late Francis Bugotu have today held a blessing ceremony for the late leader’s headstone at the St. Barnabas Cathedral Hall.

The late Francis Bugotu remains a prominent figure in the history of Solomon Islands.

He has been described as the best educated Solomon Islander in the 1960s and 1970s and holds numerous achievements.

He served as the Permanent Secretary of Education and Cultural Affairs then Permanent Secretary to the Minister and the Council of Ministers and titular head of the Solomon Islands Public Service from 1976 to 1978.

At independence in 1978, Bugotu was made Secretary of Foreign Affairs, the roving Ambassador and High Commissioner.

His only son, Tione Bugotu said his late father continues to influence various parts of his family’s lives.

“In relation to work, we listen to what he said. He has delivered quite a number of papers he presented and delivered at USP, the Waigani seminars in the late sixties. There was also a couple of papers he presented in Canberra. And these are the sort of things that we slowly picked up and start to realise there was a lot in what he was trying to teach, not only his children but everybody else.”

The late Francis Bugotu passed away in 1992.

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