Liquor Ban extended to ensure public safety during PM election

Liquor Ban extended to ensure public safety during PM election

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) wishes to inform the public that the liquor ban, initially imposed from April 16th to April 26th, has been extended.

The new liquor ban order is effective as of 26 April to 15 May 2024. The Liquor Ban Order 2024 was enacted by the then caretaker Minister for Home Affairs, Christopher Laore, under section 82(1) of the Liquor Act (Cap.144).

The order, published in an Extra Ordinary Gazette, mandates the closure of all licensed premises, bars, nightclubs and bottle shops across Solomon Islands. The sale of liquor is strictly prohibited on these premises, except for licensed bars within hotels or restaurants serving bona fide guests.

The RSIPF will not tolerate any breaches of this ban. All citizens must comply with the orders outlined in the Liquor Ban Order 2024.

The decision to extend the liquor ban stems from the need to address anti-social behavior resulting from irresponsible alcohol consumption in our communities. Such behavior affected the lives of our citizens, necessitating this proactive measure.

In addition, the extension of the liquor ban aligns with our commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment, formation of government and election of a Prime Minister. By mitigating the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption, we aim to foster an atmosphere conducive to the democratic process.

The RSIPF appreciates the cooperation of the public in adhering to the liquor ban regulations. Together, we can uphold law and order, safeguard public safety and contribute to the well-being of our nation.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding the liquor ban, please contact the RSIPF Media Unit on telephone 24016 or 23800 Ext 239 or email:


– RSIPF Media

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