Livelihood Sector Committee Assists Awka Crews

The Livelihood Sector Committee of the National Disaster Operations Committees (N-DOC) has attended to the needs of those on board the COVID-19 stricken vessel MV Awka which anchored in the Point Cruz Harbour last Sunday, 23rd January 2022.

Crews of MV Awka (Photo: Chris Ralf Pupuro:fb)

Fifteen cartons of bottled water, food rations and water tank of the ship were refilled to assist crews on-board whilst they wait for health contact tracing and surveillance teams for swabbing.

Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) has been helpful towards the response operation by providing free water delivery tankers.

The Livelihood Sector Committee which is co-led by Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries will also provide assistance to those families within the Honiara Emergency Zone who may be in dire need of food supply during the four days lockdown from 6pm today to 6:00 pm Saturday 29th 2022. The Committee is working closely with Honiara City Council on the food delivery mechanism.

The Government through the Livelihood Committee would like to also acknowledge with appreciation the assistance provided by the Government of Australia, business houses in Honiara, Market Vendor Association and individuals who have stepped in with food assistance and logistic support to compliment the Committeeโ€™s preparation for the lockdown.

NDC Statement


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