Hospital will open only for very serious cases during lockdown


NRH CEO Dr George Malefoasi

The National Referral Hospital (NRH) will focus on emergency and very serious cases only during the 36-hour Lockdown which will start on Sunday 29th August and lift at 6am on Tuesday 31st.
NRH Chief Executive Officer Dr George Malefoasi told journalists in a media conference today that this will test the response capability of NRH to mitigate Covid-19 transmission and early detection of primary and Secondary contacts of Covid-19 cases if there is a community transmission.
Dr Malefoasi said the emergency department will open for urgent cases for those who are asthmatic, chest pains, severe headaches, painful boils, severe abdomen, high Fever and injury.
He said only one relative is allowed per admitted sick patient and additional visitors are restricted.
Dr Malefoasi said all outpatient services will be closed including specialist consultation clinics, Ear Nose Throat ENT Clinic, Diabetic and NCD clinics, Oncology Clinic, Ward reviews and Dressings.
However, inpatient care, urgent and emergency Surgery will continue.
He said the hospital’s major responsibility is for the emergency department to do screening and Triage, manage the Central Field Hospital, Monitor Lab testing, ensure medical routine continues and manage inpatients sick patients.
“If you are a high risk antenatal mother in labour, reach out to St John Ambulance for assistance and transportation to the hospital,” he said.
The NRH Emergency Operation Center will be the main commanding centre for the hospital and three call lines will be available 24 hours.
The lines are 21068 for Hospital Emergency Operations Center- HEOC, 44073 for Emergency Department and 44000 for the Hospital’s Switchboard.

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