The Makira Ulawa flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

The Makira Ulawa flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

Kirakira Market vendors are frustrated with the poor condition of their Market House.

A journalism student from Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Salinda Maka’a reports from Kirakira, vendors have raised this concern after many years of tolerance and patience using the run down market facility.

Ms Maka’a says vendors currently sell their produce under a half concrete market building partly destroyed by coastal erosion as a result of the sea level rise.

She says, while vendors struggle every day to make ends meet, they are frustrated with the venue.

The market vendors are now calling on the Makira Provincial government and their national leaders improve the facility.

She adds the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government plans to develop the market in its 2015 development goals and objectives saying the only problem hindering this progress is the market house is located on customary land.

“The provincial government has intentions to develop the market, which is provided for in its 2014-2015 development plan with the objective to improved facilities. However, this cannot proceed due to a land dispute at that place.”

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