Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit:

Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit:

Communities in East Makira will soon have a hospital – thanks to an Australian doctor who took up the project at the request of his father-in-law.

Dr Chris Miller is a former Health Director in Choiseul Province and is married to a woman from Namuga, East Makira.

His father-in-law asked him to start a hospital that will offer comprehensive health services to people in the Province.

The hospital is located at Namuga and when completed, will serve people from Wainoni to Haununu.

The Makira Ulawa provincial government has also injected funds into the project.

Dr Chris Miller told SIBC News the hospital is almost completed.

“At this point of time the main part of the hospital is almost complete, including the hospital inpatient, delivery suite theatre, the emergency department, the anti-natal, diabetic, eye, child health clinic are nearing completion. They are just waiting for cupboard fittings and some wiring to be completed. Interior painting has been completed and first coat has been completed for the exterior walls.”

Dr Miller adds the project hopes to build another wing for an X-Ray department by June this year.

“We are thinking of building another wing which will contain the X-Ray, Dental, pharmacy and a blood bank. The TB ward is almost completed, except the flooring.”

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