Makira ‘Platform’ bow and arrow shooter arrested


A bow and arrow was allegedly used. File photo.

Police have arrested a suspect  allegedly involved in the shooting of a Melanesian brother, known as a ‘Tasiu’, in Makira province.

The arrest was confirmed by Supervising Commissioner of Police Juanita Matanga at the weekly press conference today.

The alleged shooting of the ‘Melanesian Brother’ occurred last month, which police say was initiated by members of the so called ‘Platform’ cult group with a bow and arrow, which injured his left ribs.

Matanga said the arrest was made after a group of RSIPF officials were deployed to monitor the cult group in the province.

She said police held consultations with the suspect’s family, and a mutual agreement was made for the arrest of the suspect.

Miss Matanga said the suspect was still in Police custody in Makira and was awaiting further court proceedings.

She also thanked members of the suspect’s family and community in reaching an agreement for the arrest of the suspect.

” We explained to that we need to work together, because at the end of the day we still live together in the same communities and province,” She said.

“As a result of the consultations with the families of both parties , and the group, we were able to get this offender.”



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