Ulawa roads to be tar sealed soon

Hon. William Bradford Marau, Minister for Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration and MP for Ulawa Ugi. Photo credit: GCU.

Roads around Ulawa Island in Makira Ulawa province are set for tar sealing soon.

This comes after the Ministry of infrastructure and development approved funding for road upgrades on the island.

The announcement was made earlier this week by the Ulawa Ugi MP, Hon. William Marau during the launching of their new ship at Su’umoli.

Hon Marau said the road upgrades would go inline with other infrastructure development projects on the island, he said the upgrade may start as early as next year.

The sealing of the roads is expected to ease land transportation issues on the island, especially for rural farmers.

Meanwhile, the Minister for infrastructure Hon Stanley Sofu also said that funding has already been approved for the construction of a new wharf at Waimasi on Ugi island.

Hon Sofu said a contractor has already selected to construct the wharf, and the Ministry was just awaiting formalities to go ahead with the wharf’s construction.

By: Fredrick Kusu. 


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