The Kirakira hospital. Photo credit: Bond University.

The Kirakira hospital. Photo credit: Bond University.

The Kirakira Hospital has scaled down it’s services because of a lack of reliable water service, and lack of a proper waste disposal site.

Hospital Director, Dr Arnold Nguduamae confirmed this to SIBC News, saying the hospital began scaling down its services as of last month.

Dr Nguduamae says the Hospital has been experiencing an ongoing water shortage problem, and the Hospital does not have a waste disposal site.

“We have scaled down our services because of water and waste disposal issues faced by the hospital. I think this is a long time issue for the hospital, like water supply to the wards is quite inefficient, even at the nursing stations and outpatient. Only the hospital laundry has some water supply. With the hospital waste it is also a long time issue, although general waste from the hospital can be disposed by Works from Kirakira, but there is no proper disposal area to damp clinical waste from the hospital.”

The Kirakira Hospital has scaled down its outpatient services and patient admissions.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Kirakira Hospital says a 14-day notice has been issued to the Makira Provincial Government to quickly resolve their issue.

Dr Arnold Nguduamae says the 14-day notice was effective as of yesterday.

He adds, if the provincial government fails to address the hospital’s issue within 14 days, Kirakira hospital will close.

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