The Makira Ulawa flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

The Makira Ulawa flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

Election Manager in Makira Ulawa Province, Gilbert Tabihau says they are happy with the outcome of the 2014 National General Election.

Mr Tabihau told SIBC News even though the voter system this year is a new type of system, the elections in the province was peaceful.

The Election Manager says he also commends his officers and the police officers in Makira for providing security during the election.

“We are happy with our officers together with the police who have worked hard in ensuring that security of ballot papers and voters are taken care of and ensuring that the democratic process of people exercising their democratic rights took place during the polling day.”

On the number of votes that were rejected in the province, the Election Manager said only 73 votes were rejected.

“We have a voter turn out of 19,109 which is just a couple of a thousand short of the 21,207 registered voters so we are quite happy with that. Though we have 73 rejected votes which mostly related to mistakes done during the polling day, especially with informal and spoilt ballot papers.”

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