Former Prime Minister, Danny Philip who tried to address the RIPEL issue in the past leadership. Photo credit: National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

Danny Philip. Photo credit: National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

Former Finance Minister and the runner up in the South New Georgia, Rendova and Tetepari Constituency, Francis Zama has confirmed he is lodging an Election Petition against the win of Danny Philip.

Mr Zama says the petition will be based on the regulations governing the election process, the behaviour and attitude of constituents, the
behaviour and attitude of election officials and the outcome of the elections, which gave Danny Philip the winning edge.

Meanwhile, his Campaign Manager, Jack Daniel has claimed the election result was “rigged” and deliberately fixed by counting officials to give “victory” to their candidate of “choice”, which was Danny Philip.

Speaking from Munda, Mr Daniel says an analysis and comparison of the election results of three previous elections and now 2014 revealed some “unbelievable” variations and trends.

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