Child with measles on body. Photo credit:  Garyn Goldston.

Child with measles on body. Photo credit: Garyn Goldston.

The Makira Ulawa Provincial Health Director says 11 suspected measles cases were reported in the province as of last Friday.

Dr Arnold Nguduamae told SIBC News, nine suspected measles cases are from Waimapuru National Secondary School, while two cases are from communities close by to Kirakira.

He adds, health officials in Kirakira were dispatched to Waimapuru school to raise awareness on measles last Wednesday.

“Kirakira hospital has identified a total of 11 suspected cases as of Friday last week, which two were from other places around Makira while nine of them were from Waimapuru Secondary School. After sighting these cases at the school we went to give them awareness especially what to know about measles as well as avoiding the stigma associated with the suspected cases.”

Dr Nguduamae also confirms, measles vaccines have been received from Honiara last Friday.

Child Health Officer of Kirakira Hospital Hudson Taro says a team of medical officers have started giving out measles vaccines to students and children surrounding Kirakira.

He says they are currently targeting schools as nine suspected cases are from Waimapuru National Secondary School.

Mr Taro adds, additional measles vaccines must be dispatched to them soon as current supplies will not be enough for the whole province.

“The supply that was received on Friday will not cover the whole province until other supplies will arrive. I think we only receive 3,000 doses where it will not cover the whole province as of yet and we are still waiting for some more supplies.”

He says with the limited vaccines they have at the moment they are targeting students to children under five year old.

“Because of limited vaccine we are only targetting under five year olds and students who are in Primary schools as well as those at Waimapuru school, but there is a high demand from the age above 30, where it’s a big challenge we have at this point in time because few cases we have are adult cases, more than the age group, which is quite challenging.”

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