The Parolee (centre) Francis Abuafa. Photo credit: John Toki.

The Parolee (centre) Francis Abuoafa. Photo credit: John Toki.

People of Chapuru Community, North West Guadalcanal yesterday held a ceremony to welcome Francis Abuoafa one of the prisoners who was released on parole last week back into his community and family.

Mr Abuofa has spent the last twelve years in jail for a murder incident in north Malaita and yesterday he was handed over to his family and community by the Secretary of the Parole Board Mr Steve Makaia and Commandant of Tetere Centre Mr Michael Nagu.

Speaking during the occasion, Michael Nagu the Commandant of Tetere Centre thanked the community members and his family for organising the program and for supporting Mr Abuafa during his twelve years in jail.

He says CSSI made sure Mr Francis becomes a transformed person and ready to contribute to community building.

“It’s not that easy, we together worked hand in hand in trying to look after him and try to rebuild his life especially and rehabilitate him as we’ve witnessed today he has returned home. The organisation is really working hard to ensure that the former inmates as well as those in prison at the moment be rehabilitated and their lives rebuilt. We are there to ensure that their attitude and behaviours change as they prepare to come home.”

Mr Nagu appeals to the Chapuru community to assist Mr Francis re-integrate back into the community and learn from him, new skills he acquired while in prison.

“Francis as he is being released under parole, is coming home in our hands. We really prepared him to come home. The tireless efforts we’ve given him and the knowledge and skills he has acquired has been passed on to him through our help so we appeal to you especially communities here to work along with him. He has knowledge and skills that he can share to support your daily family lives here.”

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Parole Board Committee Mr Steve Makaia says the decision to release someone on parole has never been an easy one.

He says Mr Francis has successfully met all requirements to be released on parole.

“It is a very tough decision for us to parole people out to the community because we all may have a general understanding that prisoners are prisoners and it’s a new thing in our country when the parole system was introduced and Abuofa is part of the first group being paroled under this new system, so duirng our recommendations, Parolee Francis became an applicant being considered for his application.”

The Secretary of the Parole Board Committee adds, Mr Francis is released on condition.

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