A child being immunised. Photo credit: SIBC.

A child being immunised. Photo credit: SIBC.

Health authorities in Malaita Province will wrap up the second phase of their measles vaccination program by this weekend.

Director for Medical Health Services in the province, Dr Huddie Namo told SIBC news phase two of the vaccination program covers children and people from the ages of six months to 30 years old.

“Mainly above five to 30 years old because we’ve already completed the vaccination campaign for six to four years 11 months, but at the moment we have also including that group, especially for those who’ve missed out on the first phase of our measles campaign.”

Dr Namo also announced the Hospital’s first phase of coverage reached 105 percent of the targeted age groups in the province.

“I am happy to announce that our coverage rate has been a huge achievement. We’ve managed to reach 105 percent, more than the target we aim to reach, which is about 95 percent. So the total four regions we’ve involved in the campaign, which is the whole of Malaita, we’ve manage to reach 105 percent of our vaccination coverage which is a huge achievement.”

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