A packet of oral re-hydration salt cant treat diarrhoea. Photo credit: www.midwayusa.com

A packet of oral re-hydration salt can treat diarrhoea. Photo credit: www.midwayusa.com

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services said diarrhoea cases in Honiara and the provinces are decreasing.

Undersecretary Health Improvement of the Ministry of Health, Dr Chris Becha told SIBC’s ‘Distaem Nao’ program today diarrhoea cases are decreasing since the outbreak was announced last December.

“As we currently experienced this outbreak, so far we have recorded a decrease in the number of cases in some of our provinces and also here in Honiara. As far as we are concerned I think this is a good sign.”

Dr Becha adds, his committee will remain vigilant despite this decrease.

“But my committee especially at the ministrial level will need to be vigilant and not to lose sight or focus and we must be vigilant on this, so eventhough the trend is going down I would like to advice each and everyone of us, especially the authority and also the community; that we have to be vigilant and keep focused.”

Meanwhile, Dr Becha said 17 deaths were recorded since the diarrhoea outbreak was announced in December last year.

The Undersecretary Health Improvement says this is unfortunate despite the decrease.

“Some interesting developments, as we see a decreasing number of cases I would say that unfortunately we have lost our babies, so since the end of last week the Ministry of Health has recorded 17 deaths, two of which are not confirmed, meaning that we will need to investigate these cases so that at least we can establish if the cases were related to the outbreak.”

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