Recent protest by Malaitan last month |Photo by Wilson Saeni (Solomon Star, Auki)

The nine Malaita Members of Parliament within the DCGA government have condemned the continuous call by Malaita premier Daniel Suidani for a referendum for Malaita province.

The MPs described the call as “Unlawful” as the Provincial Government Act 1997 does not provide powers to any provincial government for a referendum.

The MP’s in a joint statement said they do not formally recognize the Malaita for Democracy pressure group as the 14 members of parliament within Malaita Province represent their constituencies and not Premier Suidani nor his advisors and the pressure group.

“Premier Suidani and his advisors are prompting their own interest, with regard to the call for referendum, and are misleading the people of Malaita in such difficult times when we all should be united to safeguard the country from the threat of the global pandemic and worldwide economic recession. Premier Suidani and his advisors are, but just a mouthpiece and a pawn in this geopolitical game. The real victim of Suidani’s self-interest is Malaita and her people.”

The MP’s described Suidani’s actions as an “Irresponsible Leader”. 

The statement added, the Malaita for Democracy pressure group is not a legally registered group which does not represent the people of Malaita.

Meanwhile, the joint statement said, the Malaita Provincial Secretary has not been terminated, rather he was recalled through the administrative responsibility of the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening.

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