Malaita Provincial Assembly Passes Motion of No Confidence Against Suidani


The Malaita Provincial Assembly passed the motion against the former Premier Daniel Suidani this morning.

Speaker Ronnie Butala confirms, 17 of the non executive members were present while none of the executive members were present when the motion was tabled this morning.

Mr Butala explained the executive members including the premier refused to attend the debate as they are waiting for an order from the High Court on the motion.

former Premier Daniel Suidani

He confessed that his office does not receive any restraining order from the High Court prohibiting the motion to be debated.

“ I will only act upon any document or any restraining order from the Court. Since 4:30pm on Monday (6th February 2023), no document has reached my office which will stop us from proceeding,” Mr Butala said.

The assembly then proceeded with the debate as there was a quorum.

17 of the non executive members, an absolute majority, then voted in favour of the motion.

Meanwhile, the Speaker declared the current Deputy Premier, Glen Waneta as the Acting Premier.

The Speaker calls on the people of Malaita to respect the decision and refrain from any unlawful activities.

Nomination for a new Premier will open at 8:30am Wednesday 8th February and closes at 4:30pm on Thursday 9th February 2023.


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