Makira Provincial Government to de-register Platform Movement


Members of the Makira Platform Movement. Photo: Solomon Star

Makira Ulawa Provincial Premier Stanley Siapu said, his government is working on de-registering the Makira Platform Movement.

Premier Siapu said his government welcomed the call made earlier by the caretaker MP for West Makira, Derick Manuari for any upcoming government to seriously address the issue.

“That is what my government is working towards. Hopefully relevant and appropriate authorities and most especially the national government will work towards de-registering the group.

“The group was initially established with a constitution with the whole purpose of reviving and maintaining the traditional and cultural practices of Makira- Ulawa province.”

He said currently, the movement has twisted its established constitution to suit personal interests.

“Some of the leaders found their way in and they destroyed the whole thing. They redirected and diverted the original focus and the vision of the movement.

“As a result some of the initial leaders had to pull out and that was when these other leaders with corrupted thinking and ideas came in.”

A leader of the Movement told an SIBC interview they decided to abandon the national governing system and the church because the government miserably failed them with its services.

But Premier Siapu added, the movement is unconstitutional and the national government needs to be serious in working closely with Makira Ulawa Province to address the issue.

By: Charley Piringi 

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